History of the company
Manufacturing workshop for the production of ELISA kits organized on the premises of Vector Scientific Production Association
Closed joint- stock company Vector-Best established
1993 - 1996
The clinical chemistry production department created. The first representative office in Moscow
1997 - 2001
Start of own production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. Development and production of measuring equipment for the laboratory
2002 - 2006
International certificates ISO 9001 и ISO 13488 obtained
2007 - 2011
Start of production of RealBest real-time PCR kits.
First СЕ-mark obtained. Introduction of the RealBest integrated solution for the laboratory
2012 - 2016
The technical support department providing informational and technical assistance to users created.
Development and production of automated systems for diagnostic laboratories
2017 - 2022
Development of RealBest-Vet veterinary kits.
Introduction of near-patient testing